Providers are full-stack plugins in Fiberplane that allow you to pull in live data directly from your infrastructure data sources into your Notebooks.

Add a data source

Your data sources can be added from the Studio using direct access (if your data sources URL are open) or using the data_sources.yaml file that is then passed in the Docker or Kubernetes configuration. Here’s an example configuration
# data_sources.yaml # # Replace the following line with the name of the data source - name: prometheus-prod description: Prometheus (Production) providerType: prometheus config: # Replace the following line with your Prometheus URL url: http://prometheus # If accessing your data source requires authentication - add the token below token: <TOKEN>

Data Source Names

Note that data source names (such as prometheus-prod in the example above) must follow the Fiberplane name format. Data source names must also be unique per proxy.
Currently the following Provider types are supported:
PrometheusElasticsearchGrafana Loki